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This orchestral pack is inspired by Super Mario World soundtrack, thematically and structurally. There's a rhythmic song for standard stage, a slow song for a more "floating" feeling, be it underwater or over the clouds, a suspense song for the dungeon feeling, an overworld/stage select song and a main menu song. Plus,there's a song for stage complete, a victory over the boss and a game over song. As a bonus, there's some musical SFX too, for start/pause, select/switch, button confirm and for when the player loses the stage.

Below you can find the information of each track included in this pack with milissecond precision.

Track - Length (minute:seconds.milisseconds)

Main Menu - 0:08.250
Stage Select - 0:07.500
Sunny Day- 00:10.650
Floating - 0:04.650
Dangerous Place - 0:09.900
Boss Fight - 0:36.250

Main Menu - 0:32.000
Stage Select - 0:54.857
Sunny Day- 02:46.957
Floating - 2:42.000
Dangerous Place - 3:26.400
Boss Fight - 1:52.000

Stage Victory - 0:06.000
Boss Defeated - 0:08.000
Game Over - 0:07.000

Confirm - 0:01.860
Pause - 0:01.920
Switch - 0:01.380
Defeat - 0:01.490


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

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WAV Files - Platformer Orchestral Music Pack (by Brupibo) 146 MB

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