Ajude a Dona Aranha alcançar a linha de chegada evitando as gotas de chuva. Você pode usar o clique do mouse ou a barra de espaço para pular e lançar teia.

Use esc para pausar/voltar.

Help Itsy Bitsy Spider to reach the finish line avoiding the rain drops.
You can use mouse click or space to jump and throw web.

Use esc to pause/go back.

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Development log


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Great all round package here! Complete game loop, music, sound and graphics (and even two languages) all come together nicely. Well done!

If you don't mind me asking, what's your background? This is all so polished!

Thank you very much! I released it on Android too and it is fair to make a version in my own language for my friends :D

By background you mean what do I know about gamedev? I've been making games the last 3 years, but I'm not a pro, actually this is one that I managed to finish nicely. I already used Game Maker Studio (1.4) and Construct 2 engines, but now I work with App Game Kit (it's code only, uses Basic language). Most of my games are from game jams. If you want to talk about gamedev, follow me on Twitter @beetracks.

Yep, that's exactly what I meant! Would you say your strength is in programming? The reason I ask is I'm not and I feel like that's the biggest thing stopping me from having such a complete package at the end of the jam like you have. You've got a really nice product with sound, art, a full game loop and for bonus points two languages! haha It's really good!

I consider my biggest strength sound and music. But I really enjoy logic and I studied it formally for a while. I think understanding logic is what is important. Then you learn syntax to code. If you don't feel good when coding, try to use Construct 2. It is purely drag and drop, but uses the fundamentals of programming. You need practice. Then you start worrying about syntax. I still need to play your game. When I do I'll try to give useful feedback. What engine do you use?

Please don't feel  to play my game back, it really isn't required! 

That's great that you're able to make a game like that when you're into something you don't even see. Very nice work!

I primarily use Unity. I started in Unity with Playmaker--a visual programming plugin--and I enjoyed that but thought for the long term I'd need to know more programming so off I began learning C#. I enjoy the logic puzzles but yeah, it's a different way of thinking when you have to work out the code to go with the logic. It's fun though. Before that I had a go at Construct and that was great for getting the idea of logic down pat, like you said.

Really nice job with this. This is the perfect thing to build for a game jam. Simple, fun, with great scope. It gets hectic at the end, when you have to react fast to the drops! Really enjoyed playing this!

Thank you for playing and for the feedback!

WOW! The graphics, sound design and music are all so charming! I can see this being hugely addictive. Great job!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I intend to expand it. But I need to plan. Thanks for playing!

This is a really fun idea with a nice art style! It was harder than I expected, but satisying to improve at. I played on desktop but can see it being great on a phone.


Good to know! It will be available on Play Store too, although you can play it from the browser here. Thanks!

This is nice. Simple but well executed.